Laptop Guide

This laptop guide helps you to understand the various parts and terminology associated with laptop computers. The guide is divided into five different sections.

Section 1: laptop computers overview
this section will help you to understand all of the basic features of a laptop computer to help you decide which is the best you.

Section 2: main laptop parts
this section will help you to determine memory, processor, and storage devices to get for your laptop.

Section 3: notebooks and networks
one of the main reasons people get the laptop nowadays is not just for portable reasons, but also for networking reasons as well. Especially as some people a laptop computer will also serve as their home computer instead of a traditional desktop PC. This section is about connecting your laptop into computer networks.

Section 4: ports and slots
this section covers everything that you need to understand about plugs and sockets that you will find on a laptop computer.

Section 5: getting ready to purchase your laptop
this is a checklist of the things that you need to consider before you buy a laptop

Section 1: laptop computers overview

Why buy a laptop instead of a desktop PC
there are a few things you need to consider before you buy a laptop. You need to know what the differences are between a mobile computer and a desktop computer in order to be able to decide whether a laptop computer is the best device you.

Choose the right operating system end underline
the operating system is basically the mind of your PC. All the software that you may wish to use runs on top of the operating system installed on the laptop. The three most common operating systems on the market are Windows, Mac OS, and LINUX. Here you can decide which one is right for you

Choose the best type of laptop screen
understand exactly what screen resolution means here.

Tune into the audio and sound cards used on mobile computers
if you’re planning to use your laptop for more than simple office tasks, then you may wish to pay attention to the sound card that is used within your laptop. Learn about the audio setups available in a laptop.

The laptop mouse, touchpad, and other pointing devices
with a laptop, part of the point of the design is for things to be compact, as such a laptop will typically come with a touchpad or rollerball built in. So a consideration you may wish to make is whether you may like to buy a regular or smaller laptop mouse or other pointing device to go with your laptop.

What you need to know about the laptop keyboard
the key considerations to keep in mind when considering laptop computers and keyboards.

Laptop battery guide
one of the main point of having a laptop is to be able to use it regardless of access to mains power. So one of the considerations you will need to take into account is how long the battery charge lasts in a laptop before it needs to be recharged. Depending on your needs, you may need to choose a different laptop, or purchase a backup battery.

Section 2: main laptop parts

Laptop hard drive
learn about the two main laptop hard drive considerations when selecting your laptop computer and understand your gigabytes.

Floppy disk drive
might you still have a need for a floppy disk drive in your laptop? Find out here

CD and DVD drives for laptop computers
with many different configurations of CD and DVD drives that, the laptop nowadays, including CD and DVD drives that may be read only, all versions that will allow you to save content onto the CD or DVD disc you use, this is a consideration that you may need to take into account.

How much laptop memory do you need?
In order to have a satisfactory experience using your laptop you need to ensure that you have the right amount of memory installed. If you don’t have enough, you will find your laptop rather frustrating to use as it performs sluggishly. Better off to have too much, but you will also need to take cost into account.

Section 3: notebooks and networks

Why you still need a laptop modem
even though both high-speed cable broadband is now well established and mobile Wi-Fi technology is rapidly growing, you may find you still have a need for a laptop modem.

Your laptop needs to be ethernet compatible
although this should come as standard on most laptops nowadays, you will still want to check and ensure that your laptop has a socket on it for running an ethernet connection to a cable laptop so that you can connect into your home, office, or hotels network.

How to choose a wireless Internet laptop
getting access to a cable modem does not need to involve a physical connection if both the network and your laptop have relevant wireless technology installed. Furthermore, many high street locations especially coffee shops now offer wireless Internet connectivity to their customers, so you may wish to ensure that your laptop has wireless technology built into that you can avail of this.

Section 4: ports and slots

USB or to use its full name universal serial bus is a very popular technology used to connect a number of devices to a computer. So you want to make sure that you have ideally at least two USB courts on your laptop.

FireWire port
FireWire offers fast access to external devices, however they are not essential unless you need your laptop to perform specific functions.

Miscellaneous AV port
if you plan on using your laptop for business presentations, or plan to hook your laptop up to the TV for video output, you may require your laptop to have A/V ports built in.

Section 5: getting ready to buy

laptop buyers checklist
this is a convenient checklist of things to consider when looking to buy a laptop

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