Laptop Battery Tips

Laptop Battery Tips

laptop battery tipsLaptop battery tips for maximum power conservation

Laptop Battery Tips Long Life

A laptop battery can last you longer if you disable or refrain from using different features of your laptop.

CD and DVD drives: do not use these unless you have to. If you want to listen to music, you would be better off obtaining an MP3 version that can run off your laptop, rather than having to have the CD/DVD drive in operation.

Turn your monitor brightness level down to a low, but comfortable level. The lower the brightness, the left power is used.

Unless you will be frequently away from your laptop, and require a quickly enabled and password protected screensaver, switch your screensaver off. Ideally if you will be away from your laptop for short periods of time, it would be better to manually lock your PC while not in use.

More Laptop Battery Tips:
If you have wireless Internet connection on your laptop, ensure that you turn it off while you’re not actively using it as this too is quite power hungry as it will continuously scan for wireless hotspots or maintain an existing open Internet connection unless it is turned off.

Remove any externally connected devices from the laptop that you don’t need.

Enable your laptop built-in power management system, and ensure that you have a low-power, or laptop battery mode enabled to best preserve the power of your laptop battery.

You may like to purchase a spare battery that you can keep charged and on hand ready to swap over if you know that you need your laptop for an extended period of time where you will be away from mains power to be able to recharge your main battery.

Allow your battery to fully drain before recharging it. This is because charging a battery too early will shorten its recharge life by up to half each time you recharge it early.

If you only taking a short time away from your laptop, you’re better off to put your laptop into standby or suspend mode rather than to shut down and start it up again. This is because it takes up to 5 times more power to shut down and restart your PC rather than to use the suspend mode.

If you will be doing any travel by car, you may also like to have a car laptop battery charger on hand to allow you to top up your battery charge while on the move.

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